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This is the vast encyclopedia and trove of information related to the StarNovels / StarNovels" class="wiki wiki_page">StarNovels universe. Everything about StarNovels / StarNovels" class="wiki wiki_page">StarNovels is here, from the vast StarNovels / EncyclopediaGalactica" class="wiki wiki_page">Encyclopedia Galactica to Articles about the series, the author's blog, and even some additional media you can download.

If you're interested in reading some science-fiction, the author's first chapter is available. Jump right into StarNovels / Chapter1Escape" class="wiki wiki_page">Chapter 1 and open your mind to the universe that unfolds before you. If that isn't enough, write your own using our StarNovels / SharedUniverseFramework" class="wiki wiki_page">Shared Universe Framework!

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