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IT-Desk is a company dedicated to providing you with the expertise, software and server resources to provide secure data backups, Information Security, and effective training on how to protect your valuable assets, whether they are personal or business related. Information security is a very serious business. With sites like Wikileaks diviluging secrets, and organizations like LulzSec and Anonymous online attacking anyone that they don't agree with; it's very important to have a grip on security. Personal and business security can be augmented with technical solutions, but at IT-Desk, we also go the extra step in order to teach you how to secure your information from the start.

If you're interested in our data backup or security solutions, please take a look at our backup solutions and contact us at security at darkcalf.com or call us at (240) 776-2332.

IT-Desk also provides Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that leverage primarily Microsoft operating system, development and office tools. The IT-Desk development team has over twenty years of combined general Information Technology experience, as well as programming, database administration, server administration, web development, software testing, and Search Engine Optimization skills.

As an additional service, we also provide online Social Management options that allow you to build and define your online image just by giving us basic guidelines on what you would like to see posted. Essentially, we shine the spotlight and generate social media traffic while at the same time protecting what matters most and keeping that private.

Visit our Capabilities page to learn more!

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